Fellows Park

Most Walsall fans of a certain age will remember Fellows Park with great fondness. True, the ground was ramshackle and would nowadays have been considered a health and safety nightmare, but with that came a certain charm and a great atmosphere even with Walsall’s small crowds. For many, Bescot Stadium will never be the same.

Shortly before the club moved out I visited the ground to walk around and permanently capture some memories. I walked in through an empty gate, chatted to a father and son who were there for a last look around, and to Roger Johnson, the groundsman, who was preparing the pitch for its final matches.

This site is aiming to recapture some of those memories. The plan is to update it each day through the close season. Please feel free to comment with your own memories of the ground and the matches and players you saw.

You can access recent posts below, or by clicking the Archive at the top of the page. If you want to contact me directly, you can do so at fellowspark@icloud.com

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